(replaces CitrosemT)

Elvisem’s EPT enhanced anti-microbial EPT-MICROShield stabilizes microbial count in fresh meat and reduces microbial count of fresh produce while washing. By inhibiting the formation of polar compounds used my micro-organisms to feed and reproduce, EPT-MICROShield creates a situation which does not favour their propagation.

In Meats and dairy
  • EPT-MICROShield effectively controls Listeria Monocytogenes , bringing the cellular count to 0.0 UFC/ml at 48 hours
  • EPT-MICROShield effectively controls different Listeria cell lines(56Ly/SCT )
  • EPT-MICROShield effectively controls other pathogens such as Salmonella and E. Coli

In vegetable washing
  • At equal concentrations, EVS-MICROShield is as effective or more effective than hypochlorites in reducing microbial count for ready to eat quality vegetable and fruit washing

Benefits of using EPT-MICROShield:
  • Label-friendly and natural antimicrobial / bacterestatic
  • Taste neutral: only small quantities required to achieve desired effect

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